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The Importance of Proper Masonry Techniques for Building Durable and Long-Lasting Structures


Masonry is the backbone

Masonry is the backbone of many of the structures we see today. From ancient pyramids to modern skyscrapers, masonry has been used to create some of the most iconic and enduring buildings in history. However, not all masonry is created equal. In order to build structures that will stand the test of time, it is essential to use proper masonry techniques.

Key Aspects

One of the key aspects of proper masonry is the use of high-quality materials. This includes using the right type of brick or stone, as well as using mortar that is the correct consistency and strength. Using substandard materials can lead to cracks, leaks, and other issues that can weaken the structure over time

Types Of Materials

When it comes to the types of materials that are used in masonry, there are several options to choose from. Natural materials like granite, limestone, and sandstone are popular choices due to their durability and natural beauty. In addition to natural materials, manmade materials like concrete, ceramics and engineered stone are also commonly used in masonry construction. Concrete and ceramics can be molded into various shapes and sizes and can be colored to match the desired aesthetic. Engineered stone, is made of natural stone material that is crushed and bound together with a resin and can have a similar appearance as natural stone.

Proper Techniques

Another important aspect of proper masonry is the use of proper techniques. This includes things like ensuring that each brick or stone is placed at the correct angle and level, as well as making sure that the mortar is applied in the correct way. Skilled masons who have been properly trained will be able to use these techniques to create structures that are both beautiful and functional.

Finally, proper masonry also involves regular maintenance and upkeep. This can include things like repointing mortar joints or replacing damaged bricks or stones. By taking the time to maintain a masonry structure, it is possible to keep it in good condition for many years to come.

At Dakine Landscape Contractors, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials and proper masonry techniques to create durable and long-lasting structures. Our team of skilled masons have years of experience and are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. We have a wide variety of natural and manmade materials available like granite, limestone, sandstone, concrete, ceramics and engineered stone that can be used to create a stunning and elegant masonry structure. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next masonry project.


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Amazing work from the guys at Dakine Landscape Contractors. They fully understood what we wanted to achieve and were able to bring our project to life in such a short time

Jane Donnelly

These guys were brilliant. They cleaned up after themselves, arrived on time every day and were very polite. Really happy with the work we've had done. Thanks

Pete Noon

After contacting multiple landscaping companies and not receiving any callbacks my husband and I came across Dakine on Facebook. They were able to get us on schedule for an estimate and then scheduled to do work. Our front yard had been destroyed by the previous owner but Dakine took our requests and gave us our dream front yard. We will be working with them again for the back yard.

Aimee Bailey

We would like to thank Donovan, Dave, and the entire crew of Dakine Landscape Contractors. They were simply wonderful, professional, courteous, hardworking, and followed through on everything they promised. They actually went above and beyond our expectations by far!

Hans & Leslie Lagasse

It was less than two weeks from the time I signed the quote to the time my concrete patio was finished. Everyone involved was professional, and the work done looks fantastic. Highly recommended.

Jessica Soucy

Dakine took our non-existent yard to a gorgeous and homey landscape. I was so impressed straight out the gate with the walkthrough and design - somehow he could see my vision and bring it to life! We were also very happy with the fair pricing. When our week finally came, the team was quick and extremely professional. My husband and I are blown away by our yard!

Anna Favilla

This review is long overdue as I owe a HUGE thank you Robert Scarola and his team at Dakine!! I couldn't be happier with the end results!! The communication from Robert was above and beyond! I was included/involved in every aspect and the results were absolutely amazing! I have already begun referring friends & neighbors to Dakine and I will continue to use them for other projects in the future!

Adrian Adame

Dakine did an awesome job with our backyard landscaping! Robert was prompt in getting to me to set up an estimate. Super professional and efficient. I liked that Robert provided a draw up and itemized details in our quote. He was willing to work with us to make sure we got everything that we wanted. The workers were on time and professional when they showed up to work. Always friendly and happy to answer any questions that we had. We had rocks, dry river bed, concrete walkway and firepit area installed, and plants. I would definitely use Dakine for any future projects!

Ryan Backman

I contacted Dakine with a front and rear landscaping project for my new build. They were able to work with a specific look that I wanted and got me in earlier than expected! Their team is phenomenal and the work is fast and looks extremely high end. I even added in some concrete work the day of and they got it in and taken care of without delays. Robert is extremely responsive and will make sure your requests are taken care of. Will definitely be using them for more landscaping projects. Robert and Donovan will definitely get you taken care of!

Kevin Yu