Landscape Lighting

Imagine bringing the atmosphere of a five star resort to your own home where you can step out onto the patio and into a perfectly illuminated yard. We see landscape lighting as an artistic challenge and help you find the best way to light up your yard so that your trees, architecture, and water features emanate a welcoming glow for your friends and family to enjoy, while also providing the utility you need for late night grilling, drinks, and entertaining.

Adding lighting to your landscape can achieve a number of goals including highlighting your favorite features and opening up more areas at night, but also increasing safety for your family and guests. No matter what your goal is, there are a few variables to consider like where your lights should physically be placed, how bright they should be, and what color they should be. We can help you answer these questions and more to create the perfect lighting solution for your unique landscape.


Highlighting Landscape Features

Depending on the types of features you want to highlight, your lighting solutions could be vastly different. Water features illuminated from above will benefit from neutral white light positioned several feet above the surface of the water. As your light reflects off the surface of the water, it’ll help capture some of its movement which is otherwise lost in the dark. It’s important to place white lights high above the water because putting them too close to the surface will make the reflections blindingly bright and unnatural looking.

Illuminating a water source from below, on the other hand, will do better with a warmer, more yellow-colored light which gives it a more natural appearance as if the sun were setting, while also muting the appearance of movement and giving it a calming feeling. Picking neutral or cool blue lights can be confusing to the eye, and would generally be a better idea for lighting swimming pools or other deep water features.

Stone features also benefit from similar low-placed, warm-colored lights. Yellow lights help stones mimic the appearance of the sun casting its final rays as it sets for the night, and keeping them low to the ground and out of plain sight not only helps create this illusion, but it also creates bold, dramatic shadows, creating stunning color contrasts.

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