A Dakine Landscaping Success Story

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An Epic Transformation of a Backyard and Front Yard

The Dakine Landscape Contractors’ design team was given the task of transforming a backyard, which was just a sparcely wooded hillside with tons of elevation changes, into a picturesque haven. The project was monumental, and the installation crew was up for the challenge.

First, we cleared the hillside and levelled out the terrain, reshaping the ground to create a blank canvas. Next, the onsite creative process began, designing terraced patios, stone walkways, and planting evergreen trees and shrubs. And of course we, incorporate an irrigation system to manage rainwater runoff so the landscaping would not be affected by seasonal changes.

As the crew worked tirelessly on the backyard, they didn’t forget the front yard, which was also barren and lacking any landscaping. Starting from scratch, we prepared the ground, selecting plants that would thrive in the Colorado Springs climate, and incorporating nighttime lighting to showcase the beauty of the landscape even after dark.

The process was long and arduous, but the Dakine team’s dedication and attention to detail provided a result that was breathtaking. The hillside is now a stunning landscape that not only added beauty to the home but also increased its value. The front yard, which was once a barren wasteland, was now a symphony of colors and textures, a welcoming oasis that beckoned visitors to come closer.

Be sure to view the “BEFORE” photos to truly appreciate the amazing transition of this project!

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