The idea behind xeriscaping is to create a visually attractive landscape using drought tolerant plants and materials.

  • There are a wide variety of beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, and ornamental grasses that can create a wonderful drought tolerant environment.
  • The use of mulch hinders evaporation of from the soil by 80%
  • A well planned garden and irrigation system will conserve water and lower your monthly bill.


Matching the Elements

In any xeriscaping task. It’s always vital to remember how the various elements will interact once fully installed. For Example, one has to carefully position perennials in relation to the shrubs, or pick the exact plant species that will consume the least amount of water so they will not affect other plants nearby. One also has to carefully pinpoint the position of boulder stones so they will not obstruct or hinder the growth of the drought-resistant plants in the landscape. In such cases, the expertise of the xeriscaping installers will be a critical factor in ensuring the success of the project. Fortunately, we at Dakine Landscape Contractors have the manpower and industry knowledge to complete the xeriscape of your dreams.



Ideal Plants for Xeriscaping

More and more property owners in the Pikes Peak region are discovering the great benefits of xeriscaping in achieving a verdant landscape despite the state’s generally humid climate. With the clever and scientific installation, its possible to maintain a lush landscape without worrying about the usual irrigation requirements.

Dakine Plant Recommendations for Xeriscaping

  • Cacti – These hardened plants are among the most drought resistant species that one can ever find, with some species surviving even in extremely dry terrains like the Sonoran Dessert.
  • Purple fountain grass – This is a popular choice simply for its stunning beauty. This grass boasts a low water requirement and is very sturdy in nature
  • Hens and chicks – Apart from their rather interesting name, hens and chicks are also prized for their ability to survive in dry areas, such as in Colorado. These perennials are ideal in projects that involve creating a rock garden
  • Aloe vera – Anoth favorite xeriscaping plant is Aloe vera. This perennial is ideal for landscaping just like the cactus is.
  • Autumn joy sedum. This hardy perennial is perfect as a center piece for rock or mulch garden, as well as in border planting.


We also suggest choosing a particular xeriscaping design that will effectively enhance you landscape for you to enjoy for years to come. Choose from a vast selection of inspired themes ranging from Zen-inspired, Modern/Contemporary, Western, and Old-World designs complete with garden paths, boulders, and other design elements.

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